Parent Governor Election 2020

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Parent Governor Election 2020

The deadline for nominations for our Parent Governor Election was 12pm today, 6th November 2020. As we have more nominations than vacancies, we need to run an election. Please read the below personal statements and then click the Google Form link at the bottom of this page. As part of the electronic voting system, to ensure that only eligible voters vote (each family can only submit one vote, regardless of the number of pupils attending the school – Reception to Year 6) we are asking that parents add their child’s name to their vote. Please note that parents that only have a child in Little Hearts are not eligible to vote as these children are not officially on the school roll until they join us in Reception. All vote responses will be held securely and only accessible to the Returning Officer, Miss J Cook. Any questions or queries, please contact the school office. The deadline for voting is 12pm on Friday 13th November 2020.

Candidate 1: Mr John Findlay

I would like to apply for the role of parent governor. The reason I would like to become a governor is that I have extensive knowledge in building maintenance and Health and Safety. If I could help in sharing my skills and knowledge in any way to benefit not only my child’s education but every child that attends the school, then it would give me great pleasure in sharing my career. I have been in the construction industry since I left school, learning my trade as a bricklayer building new build projects. I progressed into building maintenance for local authorities and social housing, which I have spent most of my career. I progressed into management over the years within various roles. I carried out Project Management for 4 years working on planned maintenance contracts, managing budgets of £12 million pound per year. I carried out Assets Management for 5 years, managing planned & cyclical maintenance, stock condition of the property database, managing all legislation including fire, asbestos and legionella. I currently work for Places for People in property maintenance department, managing the voids team with 12 trade’s people underneath me. A great part of my role is maintaining my team works safety, I hold NEBOSH, ISOH, CITB, and other various Health & Safety qualifications. The highlight of my career was completing my degree in building maintenance with the Charter Institute of Building this enabled me to carry out my professional review, in October 2016 I graduated as a chartered member of the CIOB, which was my first professional qualification. As being a chartered member of the CIOB my ethics and ethical behaviour are central to professionalism, this also carries on within my current role as a deem myself as a role model working within Places for People spirit values, with are a people first organisation. As I have given a brief overview of my skills and experience I hope that I have given you a flavour of what I could offer the school if I was elected to become a Parent Governor.

Candidate 2: Mrs Faye Forgaard

Hello, my name is Faye. Thank you for reading my personal statement and considering me for the role of parent governor. A little bit about me… I have two sons, one in year 4, and one in Little Hearts. I qualified as a Clinical Psychologist 13 years ago, and since then have specialised in working with children and families across a range of settings including; schools, community services, hospitals and my own private practice. I have experience of working with children with developmental disorders, physical health conditions and mental health difficulties. I view my professional role as supporting children and their families to reach their full potential, whilst overcoming the many different hurdles life has thrown their way. In order to achieve this, I have always valued and embraced multi-disciplinary/multi-agency working, teamwork, facilitating personal and service development, and undertaking research. I would hope to continue this approach as a parent governor. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic we saw evidence of rising numbers of children struggling with a range of challenges to their emotional well-being, and these challenges were increasingly presenting at a younger age. With limited resources in local support services, schools are often placed under increasing pressure to support children with many of these additional needs. With the development of Covid-19, and the complex challenges we are all facing as a result, our children may potentially experience and/or witness higher levels of adversity and strain; more than we would wish for, and for some time to come. So now more than ever, I feel we need to carefully consider not only the educational achievements and physical health of our young children, but their emotional well-being also. These three elements are so closely interlinked; we should not lose sight of any one aspect. By having the opportunity to take on a parent governor role, I would love to offer my professional experience and enthusiasm in supporting our school to provide an environment that allows each child to flourish in all aspects of their development, and encourage the best experience of school, and their wider world, as much as possible. I would also seek to ensure that the diverging needs of families and staff members are carefully considered, especially during such unsettling times.

Candidate 3: Mrs Louise Liddle

I wish to become a parent governor of the school as I feel I can add a lot of value to the safe and effective governance of the school. Skills – I am an effective project manager and I have excellent skills in managing people and processes, particularly in work around business, social enterprise, young people and education. Having ran my own business and worked on funded programmes I have excellent skills in finance and funding. Throughout my career I have looked after teams both in an office environment and remotely and have gained strong people management skills and understanding. Experience – I have recently stepped down from being a trustee of a youth charity, NE Youth, where I carried out a 6 year tenure and was the accountable trustee for safeguarding. I led the fundraising and development subgroup and prepared reports to the update the board on the charity’s performance in relation to fundraising. During my time, income within the charity doubled. In this time we underwent a complete evolution of the financial policies and procedures, restructured the organisation and repositioned our offer within the youth sector across the region. Alongside this, we also carried out a full rebranding process, something that I was particularly proud of. All of this experience, and the skills I have gained from it, could be a great addition the school and the governors. I have a strong business network and many links that could support school in terms of enhancing the curriculum or strengthen fundraising efforts for the school.  Knowledge – Currently I work as a primary Facilitator for the North East LEP and work on the skills strategy for the region. My particular focus at the moment is on careers and raising aspirations from early years to secondary school age. I have a strong knowledge of the primary curriculum and a collective insight into best practice of primary teaching as I am currently supporting 70 primary schools across a range of settings. I believe this work can be of benefit to Sacred Heart and ensure they have insight into the work of the region and allow the school to keep abreast of developments. I have worked in peripatetic education roles for over 14 years and have a wealth of experience, understanding and connections that can benefit the school at many levels. I hope these skills, experiences and knowledge can be of benefit to the governing board of Sacred Heart and I would be keen to utilise them in the best interests of the school.

Candidate 4: Mrs Lisa Lumley

Having been a pupil at Sacred Heart and my daughter being the fourth generation of my family to attend Sacred Heart, I feel invested and have a keen interest in the school. I have fond memories of my time at Sacred Heart and I am proud to have been a pupil there. The feel of the school has always been like a family, caring and nurturing, and if elected I look forward to ensuring the needs and welfare of our children are at the forefront of any decisions made. The school has evolved dramatically since I was a pupil. Having had around 70 pupils in the whole school, with years 4, 5 and 6 in the same class, the school has clearly progressed and achieved outstanding status whilst maintaining the caring, nurturing, family feel, which I would like to ensure continues. I am a Sister on a surgical ward at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and have a Masters in Health and Social Care, so I would be able to bring Health and Safety knowledge and experience to the committee.

Google Form

Please click the below link when you have read both of the above personal statements and would like to submit your vote, the deadline for votes is 12pm on Friday 13th November 2020.

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