Parents as Partners

Quote4At Sacred Heart we value all parents’ and carers’ contributions and seek to involve them in all aspects of their child’s learning and development. We see working together as a vital aspect of all we do, and therefore encourage parents to look at their child’s learning journey regularly and make appropriate comments.

The Foundation Stage parent partnership programme encourages parents, staff and children to work together to improve children’s learning and, importantly, to help parents gain greater insight into how children learn. Research clearly identifies that parental involvement has a significant positive impact on family relationships, children’s learning, progress and behaviour and leads to enhanced self-esteem for both parents and children.


We believe that parents are the primary educators in matters Quote1of discipline and behaviour and seek their support in these areas when problems occur in school. We also believe that parents should be actively involved in children’s learning. We keep parents informed of their children’s progress through termly parent teacher meetings and a mid-term and annual report. We encourage parents to let us know if they have any concerns or issues as soon as they arise.


We rely onQuote3 parents to help children with homework, doing it with them rather than doing it for them, and providing a suitable environment in which they can work. Every piece of homework is commented on by both home and school. Parents have a key role to play in hearing their child read and we use Home School Reading Diaries to allow the teacher and parent to exchange information and ideas.


We also try to keep parents up to date with changes in school through regular newsletters, parent partnership mornings and regular parent workshops. Parents are encouraged to play an active part in the life of the school including helping with a wide variety of activities, including supporting The Friends in their fundraising activities and coming to see their child perform in sharing assemblies and concerts.