School Uniform

School Uniform

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School requires that children wear school uniform. Our uniform code has been devised by the governors of the school to be a smart, common sense choice which is good value for money for parents on tight budgets.

The uniform code has been designed to give pupils a sense of togetherness and team spirit so that they can feel proud to be part of the school. There are also health and safety requirements that mean our uniform represents a safe set of clothing and footwear for busy active learners whilst ensuring that our pupils are visible and identifiable in the community – this is especially important when we are out on school trips.

Uniform can be purchased from our provider either in store – Logos Unlimited, Unit 1, Sands Industrial Estate, Swalwell, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE16 3DJ (0191 488 4300) or online via


  • Maroon Courtelle V-Neck Cardigan (must be logoed)
  • White buttoned blouse
  • Clip on/normal tie
  • Banner Tartan Kelso Kilt, Elasticated Skirt and/or Pinafore (these can be purchased from Logos Unlimited, if bought from elsewhere it must be the same style)
  • Grey tights or plain grey socks must be worn with the skirt/kilt/pinafore (no other colours allowed). Sensible, short white frilly socks can be worn in the summer months only.
  • Low heeled smart plain black shoes (these must be polishable shoes, not black trainers/boots/sandshoes and with no logos or stripes)


  • Maroon Courtelle V-Neck Sweatshirt (must be logoed)
  • White buttoned shirt
  • Clip on/normal tie
  • ‘Fulham Junior Flat Front Trouser’ (these can be purchased from Logos Unlimited, if bought from elsewhere it must be the same style)
  • Plain grey socks must be worn with trousers
  • Grey shorts (summer uniform)
  • Smart plain black shoes (these must be polishable shoes, not black trainers or sandshoes and with no logos or stripes)

PE Kit:

  • Maroon school PE T-shirt (these can be purchased from Logos Unlimited, if bought from elsewhere it must be the same style)
  • Black Shorts
  • Plimsolls (indoor) and Trainers (outdoor)
  • Logoed Maroon Hoodie and plain black jogging bottoms (optional for winter)
  • Logoed Drawstring PE Bag

Additional Items:

  • Logoed Maroon Bookbag/Backpack
  • Logoed Summer/Winter hats
  • Logoed reversible coat or Logoed parka coat (perfect for Byermoor winters!)

When the weather starts to get wetter and more wintery the school grounds can get very muddy very quickly. We would like all the children to use the field area all year so encourage children to bring Wellington boots into school for playtimes. Boots can be stored in a bag overnight safely. All children without outdoor footwear will not be allowed off the yard to protect our carpets. Also children will go outside in all weathers so please ensure that your child has a warm/waterproof coat, hat and scarf that are clearly labelled.

School Shoes
Pupils must wear closed-toed, hard-soled, all black plain shoes with a flat sole. Footwear with flashing lights are not appropriate for school. Boots are not allowed. Open-toed sandals should not be worn, even in the Summer Term. In the case of extreme weather children can wear boots to school but must change into a pair of shoes on arrival to school.
Black plimsolls must be worn for indoor PE and are available from most supermarkets at around £2.50.

Jewellery and Haircuts
Jewellery may not be worn, with the exception of a wristwatch or a watch that counts steps. Smart watches are strictly prohibited. If you wish your child to have their ears pierced, we advise you do so at the beginning of the summer holidays to give the ears time to heal before returning to school. Staff are not able to remove or replace earrings, and we do not tape ears for PE. If ears are pierced during term time, these will need to be covered with plasters. Once a fresh piercing is past six weeks, earrings can be replaced with clear studs and won’t need to be covered by plasters anymore. Nail varnish and other makeup should not be worn in school please. We respectfully request that extreme haircuts are avoided; including sculptured patterns and logos and dyed hair.

Labelling Uniform
Please ensure all of your child’s uniform/boots/shoes/coats/bags/PE Kits are named. We regularly find uniforms which do not have a name label on! Items which cannot be traced to their owner are put in our lost property box but we would prefer to be able to easily reunite them with their rightful owners. This is only possible if the item is named. If items are taken home in error by another child and the item is not named. then it is unlikely to be returned. You can find some great items to label uniform on the following websites: and

For further information about the school uniform and dress code, please contact the school.


It is the responsibility of the parent/carer to provide and maintain a suitable uniform for your child. It is important that we work in partnership to maintain the highest standards for our children at Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School. If a child does not come to school in the correct school uniform, we will provide that child with a suitable item of uniform to change into.

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