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We began our lesson on the Eucharist by watching a video clip of the Consecration. We discussed how every time the Eucharist is celebrated, Christians are keeping the memory of Jesus alive. The Eucharist is a memorial of Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross and makes that present and real, just like for the Jewish people the events of their freedom from Egypt are made present to them each time they celebrate the Passover.

During the part of the Mass called the liturgy of the Eucharist, in the Eucharistic prayer, the priest holds the host and says some important words; we looked at these together as a class.

At that moment the memory of Jesus’ actions at the Last Supper are called to mind and made present and real for Christians. These are called the words of consecration, consecration means made holy.

Catholics believe that at this point in the Mass, through the power of the Holy Spirit the bread becomes truly the body of Christ and the wine the blood of Christ. The server will ring a bell as the priest holds ups, elevates, the host and then the chalice. People will look up and make an act of faith and pray in their hearts something like ‘My Lord and my God’, affirming that they truly believe in the words of Jesus, when he said at the Last Supper ‘this is my body, this is my blood.’ This is the real presence of Christ. The children then completed their main task for the lesson – creating a poster on the Eucharist.

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