RE – Value of Gospels

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We began this lesson by discussing that near the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, a large crowd had gathered to hear his words, to be encouraged and to learn how to shape their lives in a more loving way. This teaching is called the ‘Sermon on the Mount’, because Jesus went up a hill so everyone could see and hear him. It is also called the Beatitudes; in some translations the word blessed is used, In other versions the word happy is used. Jesus explained the meaning of true happiness and its rewards. We then looked at The Sermon on the Mount as written by Matthew 5: 1-12. We looked at different images  to illustrate the text and discussed how the various images reflected the values of this Gospel. At the ending of his teaching, Jesus has a word about how we are to love even our enemies as written by Matthew 5: 44-4. We discussed the meaning of this and what it might mean in our own lives.

The children were then given their main task for the lesson: In groups, they explored and described how the values from the Gospel are lived out at school and the parish community and what difference they make to people’s lives. They presented their findings to the class.

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