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Reception week 3

This week we have had a lot of fun learning all about ourselves; we’ve been exploring our senses and thinking about how to keep our bodies healthy.

We went on a listening walk, did taste and smell tests, looked for rhyming objects linked to our sight and were brave enough to have a go at the ‘feeley bag’.

We went outside and drew around our bodies pointing out different body parts and having a go at labeling them.

We made a packed lunch choosing from a variety of items but were only allowed to choose the healthy ones!

In phonics we have covered s,a,t and p and in number we have concentrated on number 1 this week. We thought about lots of different ways to represent the number 1 inspired by the book ‘I spy numbers’. We also made our own ‘1 black dot’ picture inspired by the book ’10 black dots’.

We have been very busy this week so hopefully the children will be tired out and go to sleep nice and early tonight 🙂 I know Mrs Bowes and I will!

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School