RSPB visit to Little Hearts

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We’ve had a super busy exciting morning. Jill from the RSPB came into Pre-school, as part of the schools Outreach programme (in association with Aldi). The first activity was ‘Sensing the world’. We had our colour spotter sheet and our special bag and off we went. We explored all of the schools grounds looking for natural things that were different colours. Next we looked for things we could smell. Our next activity was ‘wild habitats’. Again we explored under, over, inside, down below and up looking for mini beasts. We had bug viewers, magnifying glasses and a paint brush. The paint brush we used to be gentle moving the mini beasts. We were very careful putting them back. We found a spider, ant, ladybird, woodlice, slugs, snail and a beetle. We worked together in pairs to look for the mini beasts. What a great morning.

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