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Today, Year 3 were learning about our muscles and how they work. We learnt that we have voluntary muscles, that we can control, but we also have involuntary muscles that we don’t have any control over such as our heart. We discussed the different muscles that we have and used this to predict which muscles we would use when running. Using a diagram, the children circled what muscles they thought they would use to help them run. We then went outside and jogged around the playground, focussing on the muscles we were using. Once we stopped running, we felt our muscle in our chest, the heart, beat fast and felt it slowing itself down the more we rested. We then discussed the muscles we used to run such as our hamstrings, calves, quadriceps, abdominals and even our glutes! Some children were surprised when they discovered some muscles, that they did not expect, helped us to run. Great work, Year 3.

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