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Shape week!

Our main focus in Reception this week has been 2D shapes. We have talked about their names, properties and what is different/similar about different 2D shapes.

The children have loved going on a shape hunt around school, drawing around shapes, making a shape house for Stickman when he was lost in the story and playing ‘guess my shape’.

In phonics we have learned sounds ‘m’ and ‘d’ and have continued to try to blend sounds together to read.

We have also been focusing on rhyming and initial sounds.

We can’t believe next week marks the last week of our half term. It has come around so fast!

Next half term will be extremely busy with practicing our Christmas nativity, our first Liturgy as a class, our school visit, parents evenings, open day, Christmas market and enterprise day just to name a few. Very exciting times ahead!

Have a lovely weekend everyone 🙂


Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School