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On Thursday, Year 2 got involved in lots of fun activities, talks and experiments which really helped us broaden our Space knowledge. On the evening, we kick started Space Camp by waving goodbye to our families for the night and waving hello to our fellow Space Campers. We started by setting up our tents in the school hall which was very fun. We then enjoyed using the telescopes in the school yard to gaze up to the Moon above us and were fascinated to see lots of craters and different shades of the Moon. Next, we were part of a fantastic Space talk delivered by our Space specialist visitors who informed us more on the Moon, eclipses, satellite movements, the amazing planets and the night sky. We then cosied up with our hot chocolates and pjs and ended the night with a lovely film. All of the children behaved amazingly and showed great bravery sleeping in the school hall away from their families, which for many was their first ever experience. To the adults’ delight, the children fell asleep with a huge smile on their faces and woke up with an even bigger smile! The teachers thoroughly enjoyed sharing this fantastic experience with Year 2 and were so proud of all the children. A special thank you to everybody involved and a huge thank you to Year 2’s parents for the lovely messages and thoughtful gifts you have given to the Space Camp staff – we really appreciate all of your kindness! Well done, Year 2. What amazing memories we have made!

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