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Today, we have been practicing our recognition of common exception and high frequency words by sight through the play of many fun games.

In Lily pad Leapfrog, the children worked in teams to play hopscotch and other playground themed games, with a spelling twist. Each group received a set of cards and a beanbag, and were asked to choose a word, score a point with the beanbag, and spell that word out loud. The children then pretended to be frogs sitting in the middle of a large lake. In order to stay in the game, they hopped to the lily pad called out without falling in the water. The child then called out the sight word. He should read it, then spell it and read it again. For example, “ARE. A-R-E. ARE.” A fellow frog then found a new word.  Play continued until all words have been practiced within the group. After hopping, children practiced writing the words on the lily pad record sheet.

We were even lucky enough to play many more spelling and reading games today, including: Glitter Write, Paintbrush Spelling, Shoot and Score, Scrabble and Go Fish. What fun!


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