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Stone Age Jewellery

We studied pictures of Stone Age jewellery and used our knowledge of the Stone Age to identify what materials would have been used to make them. Stone Age people made use of natural materials. No part of the animals they caught for food would have been wasted. Apart from furs providing warm bedding and clothing, the bones, teeth, antlers and horns made great ornaments! The beads were threaded on leather thongs, and shells and stones would have been used, too.

We modelled our clay beads on photographs and drawings of the jewellery that has been discovered over the years. We drew our necklace design first, before gathering clay and making a start on molding and shaping the clay into the correct shape of bones and shells. Before the clay had a chance to set, we used our carving tools to make indentations that would be fitting of bones and shells.

Here are some of our finished Stone Age necklaces and bracelets. We think they look rather nice!

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School