The Adventures of Fizzy and Suzie

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An update on our classroom mascots! Fizzy and Suzie have been having a wonderful time so far this year. They have visited Beamish, trampoline parks, been on sleepovers, eaten at Pizza Hut, and been to see more movies than I can count! A huge thank you goes out to all of the families who take them time to enjoy our mascots with the children – they really enjoy hearing about what Suzie and Fizzy have gotten up to, and they truly deserve the recognition for their hard work in literacy numeracy. Thanks again, and we look forward to hearing more about their adventure very soon.

Miss Bray


The Adventures of Fizzy and Suzie

At Sacred Heart, we have classroom mascots for Literacy and Numeracy. The job of these mascots is to help us understand the key steps we need to take to be successful. To do this, each mascot is displayed in our classroom and holds our success criteria for each unit of study (e.g. we need to be able to punctuate our sentences correctly).

In Year 2, we have Fizzy the Fish, who is our literacy genius! We also have our resident numeracy whizz, Suzie the Squirrel!

Fizzy and Suzie like to come home with the children each weekend to have adventures outside of school. They choose their Star of the Week for numeracy and literacy, and this child gets to enjoy the mascot for a few days. Fizzy and Suzie will both visit every child during the year, and they cannot wait to stay with you!

Year 2 loves to hear about what their friends have been up to during their adventures at home.

Would you be kind enough to write up a little message about any fun you had with them? Or better yet, take some photos which we can stick in?

Perhaps you went to soft play, or visited the park? Maybe you did nothing more than had a sleepover with the mascot. Whatever you get up to, let us know!

These are the adventures of Fizzy and Suzie!


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