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The Chocolate Rock Cycle

We had lots of fun today in science. We were learning about the rock cycle and used chocolate to help us understand how the three different types of rocks are formed. Here is what we found out:

The melted chocolate represented the molten rock or magma that is turns to lava when a volcano erupts. When lava cools, it forms igneous rocks.


Grating the chocolate igneous rocks represented the process of weathering where rivers and the weather break up rocks into bits of sediment.

We layered the ‘sediment’ and put pressure on the top to show how sedimentary rocks are formed.

When this set, we cut it open to reveal the layers inside.

Finally, we took some of the sedimentary rock and squeezed it in our hands to represent the amount of pressure and heat needed to turn a sedimentary rock into a metamorphic rock.

Using chocolate really helped us understand the different stages to the rock cycle!

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