Virgin Money: Module 1 – What is enterprise?

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We began the lesson by explaining to the pupils that they were going to be taking part in an exciting enterprise project. We watched a short film of a school completing the ‘Make £5 Grow’ scheme. Afterwards, we discussed what the word ‘enterprise’ means. We captured their thoughts and then read the definition together. Next, we completed a young entrepreneurs’ quiz. Pupils guessed the business of 10 young entrepreneurs from the picture clues provided. The quiz covered a variety of businesses from goods-based, such as bakers and sports gear retailers, to expertise-based, like a restaurant or garage. This allowed the children to gain a breadth of ideas that they might use for their own project.

Following on from this, we read a short profile of Sir Richard Branson. As a class, we discussed the different skills that might be needed for an enterprise activity. The children completed a skills sheet and wrote a definition for each skill. It was highlighted that entrepreneurs are not magicians. Most of them have developed successful skills and qualities through practice and experience. It was stressed to pupils that they could develop these characteristics too. The children then ranked themselves across the different skills. They were encouraged to give reasons for their rankings and considered what they might be able to do to improve their weakest ranking skills.

To finish, the children were given a short amount of time to discuss their initial ideas with other members of the class.

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