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Welcome Back Year 6!

What a week we’ve had! Year 6 have started this year with a bang, even though they forgot that they were Year 6 when I called them through the gates on Wednesday morning. We’ve welcomed a new child to our class this week too which has been wonderful! The whole class have made him feel very welcome and he looks as if he is already part of the yard football team.

Over the last few days, we’ve spent time discussing the changes to our daily timetable and getting use to this new normal within our school. Everyone has embraced this and we couldn’t be prouder of them.

Since it’s been a little while now since we were all back in school together, we thought it would be nice to talk and share about our feelings about returning to school and experiences we’ve had through lockdown. The children all seemed to enjoy extra takeaways and screen time whilst away from school but admitted they were happy to come back to see their friends again. They have created some wonderful pieces of art showing their thoughts and we cannot wait to get them up on the wall.

On Thursday morning we made time to say a prayer together and reflect on the year ahead of us. We sat in silence whilst the liturgy candle flickered and our quiet music played. In response we shared ideas of what we could do, not only to help ourselves be our best self, but our friends too. The children had some very thoughtful responses and showed that they are a very caring and considerate group.

We cannot wait for next week when we can get back to it and start create more memories again here at Sacred Heart.


Miss Reid 🙂



Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School