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What a fun week for Year 3!

Year 3 have thoroughly enjoyed their week in school this week. I am immensely proud of how positive they have all been during recent weeks. On Monday, the children used the 1960s patterns they have previously drawn to get involved with printing by engraving polystyrene tiles, rolling a thin layer of paint over them and printing them into their sketch books. We then rolled another colour on top to create a layering effect. The children then gathered around to have a look at all of their wonderful 1960s inspired patterns!  On Thursday, in relation to recent events, Year 3 were involved in a special lesson all about germs. Miss Scott talked all about how our bodies have immune systems that are fantastic at fighting against germs. We discussed how our bodies need to be exposed to some germs to help build up our immune system so it keeps on working properly however not all germs are always good for us. We learnt all about how children have really strong immune systems whereas some older people may not have as strong immune systems therefore it is really important to not spread germs, especially onto them. We learnt how we can protect ourselves and others from germs by regularly washing our hands, catching our sneezes in tissues and not touching our face and eyes often. We then did a fun experiment with glitter, which represented germs, and demonstrated that germs can spread on us whenever we touch something new, whether that be another person, a thing or even ourselves. We then demonstrated that it isn’t enough just wiping our hands on a bit of tissue as this did not remove the glitter. The best way to remove it was to wash our hands with soap and water. Year 3 were shown the NHS guidelines on how to wash hands effectively and learnt to sing the happy birthday song twice in our hands whilst doing so so we know we are washing our hands for 20 seconds. This technique managed to remove all of the glitter! We also learnt that if soap and water or not available that hand sanitizers are perfect for removing germs on the go. The children then created posters to show other children around the school how to stay safe.

On Friday, the children enjoyed preparing some mother’s day cards and gifts that they are going to share on Sunday. During lunch time, the children loved dancing at our lunch party in the hall! For a special treat at the end of the day, we even watched a little of a well known classic, Tom and Jerry!

Well done Year 3 for your amazing positivity and resilience this week!


Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School