World Book Day 2020

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This World Book Day, Year 6 were transported back in time with Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells (Miss Reid and Miss Dodd) in a Murder Most Unladylike adventure. Our class receptionist, Jessica, received a phone call from Chief McHawley at 9:15am asking for help. Shortly afterwards we received a parcel that was filled with clues. The class were split into 5 groups of 6 and each team of detectives was given £1000. This £1000 had to be spent trying to find out what happened to the victim, P Naughton, in his last dying hours. Throughout the morning the whole class were determined to find the culprit(s) and most groups had their final ideas cemented by 10:30am after interviewing several suspects and looking over various pieces of evidence. Very impressive work. Both Hazel and Daisy were very impressed by the classes teamwork and dedication. After several gruelling hours of police work we finally found out what really happened to P Naughton during his final hours. Great work detectives!

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