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Year 3 had a great day taking part in World Book Day celebrating our favourite book characters and authors. We spent our day looking at a very well known author, Roald Dahl and we had a fantastic introduction to our new literacy book, the Twits. In Numeracy, we created a DISGUSTING menu for Mr Twit. We described the yucky meals we would like to serve the twits before working out how much it would cost to eat from this menu using our price list.   During our literacy lesson, we decided to create our own trick for the Twits. We wrote clear instructions on how to carry out this trick!   We all really loved Mr Twit’s beard so we decided to create one of our own! We created our beard by ripping strips of brown card and adding them onto a beard template. Of course, our beard was not complete without yucky bits of food.   We also created a collage of the roly Polly bird. We used Roald Dahls description to help us create this colourful character.

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