World Mental Health Day

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Year 3 were reflecting on World Mental Health Day on Thursday 10th October. Today, the children watched a video which explained how sometimes we can feel a little overwhelmed, stressed and worried. We talked about how things like school, friendships and responsibilities can affect our mood, emotions and how we think. The children thought about times when they have felt deflated or upset and discussed ways in which we can help our mental health such as talking to someone and doing things we enjoy. We then talked about how sometimes we can be our biggest critic as we often tell ourselves that we’re not very good at something. The children wrote down on a heart what they believed weren’t very good about themselves such as ‘I’m not very good at maths’ and ‘I could be more helpful’. We then swapped our hearts with somebody else and they had to write down three things that was good about that person. The children then gave back the hearts to their owner and gave what we sometimes need, a friendly hug. This was a fantastic way of the children realising that we should always try to be kind to others as they may appear fine on the outside but may be suffering on the inside. We also learnt the importance of being kind to ourselves and realising mental health is just as important as physical health. Well done, Year 3.

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