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Today, as part of our work in building towards a newspaper report, Year 3 have been taking part in hot-seating activities. We invited our witnesses of the mysterious events on Tuesday in to our classrooms to join us, so that we could ask a range of open questions and gather information for our reports by getting detailed answers to our questions.

Before beginning the witness interviews, we discussed how to take effective short notes. We know we need this because the witnesses provided a lot of information quickly, so writing in full sentences would not have worked. Learning to write notes is also a key skill for later life.

We then focused on which questions to ask, revisiting our work on open questions from earlier in the week.

When Mrs May and Mr Jeffries visited our classrooms, we had a lot of fun interviewing them and have gathered a wealth of information to use in our writing.

“At the end of the lesson, some of us dressed up in costumes as Mrs May and Mr Jeffries. We all laughed at the because it was funny. We had decided to work out the mysetery and we laughed and had a blast. The frogs were in trouble and were dropping lilypads all over. There’s no words in the book though so we have to make them up when we write.”
Written by Karley and Seamus.

But one thing has been driving us hopping mad… our witnesses looked an awful lot like our teachers…

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