Y3A & Y3B – Stone Age Stewed Fruit

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Today we made stewed fruit by putting blackberries, blueberries, apples, honey and seeds together and mixing it on a low heat. Once it was warm and ready, we put it into cups and then we tried it. Some people didn’t like it but some people loved it! We did this because our topic is the Stone Age and the Stone Age people would have had this kind of food, thousands of years ago. – Written By –  Emilly, Naomi and Isla


Here are some of our thoughts:


”Delicious and sour” – Harry          ”Yummy, I like it” – Elliott

”This is the best thing I have ever tasted” – Scarlett          ”Disgraceful” – Rory          ”YAK!” – Mina



“We mixed berries, honey, apple and seeds together. It was very tasty and it was just like the Stone Age.” – Grace

“I thought it was nice because it reminded me of my ancestors, but it didn’t taste nice.”

“Cooking was fun and it was tasty” – Reuben

“I loved it because it was delicious and you got to make it with honey” – Katie

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