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In Creative, we have learnt about the Stone Age. As part of our lessons, we have been looking at cave art from the period. We used laptops and worked in pairs to research famous sites of cave art. We made posters about some of the following places:

~Lascaux Cave in France            ~Chauvet Cave in France          ~Magura Cave in Bulgaria            ~Laas Geel in Africa            ~Cave of Beasts in Africa            ~Whitsunday Island in Australia            ~Cave of Altamira in Spain            ~Bhimbetka in India

Here are some of the amazing facts we found out during our research. “The Magura Cave in Bulgaria is a wonder.” – Oliver “Some of the Bhimbetka rocks have prehistoric cave paintings. The earliest ones show early evidence of dancing and hunting.” – Harriet “Lascaux Cave in France is one of the world’s most important rock art sites.” – Katie.

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