Y3B: Listening & Sharing

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Today, we have been thinking about how important it is to listen and to share, particularly when talking about the message of the Lord. We first listened to the story of ‘Stone Soup’ and reflected upon its meaning. We then thought about speaking and listening skills and how these can make a difference to our lives; What do we miss when we don’t listen? What happens when people don’t listen to you? How do you feel when you know you are listened to? Finally, we worked in pairs to tell one another a story about something that happened during the weekend or a break time etc. We then asked our partners to retell the story back to us, paying attention to detail and accuracy. This helped us to be aware of the importance of active listening, which is a goal we hope to take forwards with us. Standards:
  • Ask and respond to questions about their own and others’ experiences and feelings about each of the areas of study, in relation to questions of meaning and purpose
  • Express a point of view
“The villagers in the story learnt the importance of kindness” – Reuben “Sharing and listening is important because if you don’t listen, you won’t understand, and if you don’t share, you won’t get anything back either.” – Joseph  

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