Y3B: Mighty Muscles

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To end our Animals Including Humans topic in science, we decided to investigate our muscle strength. We choose to test the strength of the muscle several body parts; our finger, one arms, one leg and our ‘gluteus maximus’. To begin with, we predicted which muscle we thought would be strongest. “I think my leg will be the strongest because it’s the biggest body part.” We also discussed what it meant to have a fair test. The object we choose to move was a classroom table, we ensured this was a fair test by clearing the table so that it had no extra weight and we used stickers as start markers. The largest distance we managed to move the tables as as follows: Izzy’s gluteus maximus -52cm        Seamus’ gluteus maximus – 47cm Charlie’s stomach – 35cm Lastly, we discussed why we thought we had these results. We had a range of ideas. Some of us thought that the gluteus maximus had the largest result as it was the only muscle we used both of – for everything else, we used a single arm or a single leg. We also thought perhaps the strength of our legs helped the gluteus result. What an exciting lesson we had!

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