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Today, we have been looking at mental health and emotional wellbeing. Some of the objectives we have been studying include ways to maintain good mental health, (exercise, diet sleep, company) and describing the wider range of emotions and feelings. We have been looking in particular at how to maintain good mental health at Christmas time, which can sometimes be overwhelming, for lots of reasons. The Christmas holidays can be a busy time and are often filled with lots of different thoughts, feelings and emotions. It is important that we look after our mental health during times like this.

We have identified times when things might become difficult for us a Christmas, as well as discussing how we can deal with these problems. We also came up with a collection of different activities we could try to help us feel better at this time of year.


Here are some of the areas we have been thinking about:

~ Physical activities: things to get you moving.

~ Emotional activities: things to connect you with others.

~ Social activities: things to help you enjoy the company of others.

~ Play activities: things to let your imagination run free.

~ Concentrating activities: things you can spend time quietly focusing on.

~ Relaxation activities: things to help you be still, calm and to reflect.

~ Rest activities: things to help you simply chill out.


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