Y3B: Salaries and Careers

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This afternoon, we were inspired by our RE lesson on people who help us to look at careers and salaries. This was because we were speaking about workload, working hours and other commitments. We looked up a huge array of careers and the salaries, compared to the average UK salary of £36,000 and discussed our future aspirations. “I want to be a zookeeper because I like animals.” – Harriet “I want to be a higher education maths teacher when I’m older because I like maths and they get more than £40k and I can still spend some time at home.” – Patrick “I want to be a doctor because my mam is a doctor and she helps lots of people.” – Hannah “I want to be an architect because I really like rearranging things and I’m good at art.” – Seamus “I want to be in the army so I can help people.” – Oscar “My brother will get around £40k because he wants to be a vet.” – Texas “I want to be an ice cream man because I like to make people smile.” – Oscar T “I want to be in the Royal Air Force flying planes. It isn’t as well-used as people on the ground.” – Joseph “I want to be in a band and also a part-time artist because I will get to go home and paint my feelings and I will also get to meet new people. I will need two jobs because I need enough money.” Oskar “I want to have two jobs; I will help the environment and I’m a big fan of Greta Thunberg. I will also be an undercover police man as they earn more than the average UK salary.” – Reuben. Click the image below to check out the information which we looked up.

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