Y3B – Savage Stone Age

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Today, we have been looking at the Stone Age and changes through the Bronze and Iron Ages.

We have begun this unit by looking at a timeline which runs from 500,000 BC to 43 AD – That’s a lot of history!

We have learnt about the terms BC and AD and what they mean, as well as ordering our own timelines using these dates. We have also been lucky enough to get an artefact box from the Discovery Museum which contains really exciting relics for us to take a look at, including a bone needle, a clay pot and sharp stone knives. We have even been able to handle these artefacts, which we really enjoyed.


“It was really cool to hold a caveman’s tools!” – Karley

“If I could, I’d take them home and keep them safe in glass cages.” – Liberty

“I really enjoyed the lesson because history is my favourite subject.”

“I liked the stone tools because they were really old, dangerous and hard.” – Patrick

“The lesson was hard but if you just keep on trying you’ll get through it and it will get easier.” – Arlo

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