Y3B: The Nativity and the visit of the shepherds

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Today, in RE, we have been reading Luke 2: 1-7: The birth of Jesus and Luke 2: 8-20: the shepherds. We have also looked at works of art which depict the Nativity. We have discussed that it was the shepherds (amongst the poorest and least important in society) who were chosen to be the first people to visit Jesus and have been looking at how they showed their love to Jesus. Here are some of our key questions: ~How do you think Mary and Joseph felt as visitors to Bethlehem, realising they had no place to stay? ~How do you think the shepherds would have felt knowing that God loved them so much he chose them to be first to know about the Son whom God sent into the world to tell everyone about God’s love for us? ~Discuss and explain the range of emotions they would have experienced. Why do you think God chose the shepherds to be the first to visit Jesus? It was a lovely lesson where we talked about how the shepherds and kings may have felt at the birth of Jesus. “The shepherds promised to look after Jesus like they look after their sheep.” – Charlie “I would have taken Jesus the gift of a diamond because its rare and precious like him.” – Joseph “The wise men brought Jesus gifts and that’s why we give gifts today.” – Katie.

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