Y3B: What is light?

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We started our lesson by investigating what we could sense without light. We put our hands in disgusting bags. We had to guess what was inside the disgusting, yucky bags without using light. We put our ideas down with pictures or words so then we knew the answers. We had to find out if we were right or not when we introduced light. We did well but it was a teensy bit hard. Next, we needed to stick pictures of things which were light sources and not light sources on our sheets. A light source is a source of energy which makes its own light, such as the sun, a television, cameras and light bulbs. Lastly, we needed to write down the answers on a ‘fill in the gap’ worksheet. We had to draw a diagram, explain the absence of light and other examples. We also had to list light sources. Written by the children of Y3B.

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