Y3B: World Book Day

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For World Book Day, in Year 3B we looked at Kitchen Disco by Clare Foges. We used this book to focus in on fruit and where we can use this across our curriculum. We spoke about healthy eating and the impact eating fruit can have on your body in PSHE.

‘Healthy eating is important because it makes us feel healthy and good’ – Katy

‘We should try and eat our 5-a-day of fruit and vegetables to make us feel healthy’ – Charlie

‘If we eat unhealthy and badly, we can become overweight which can have some bad effects on our health.’ – Arlo

In Numeracy, we had a special visitor in, he was called Mr Scott, he was a fruit market stall owner in London who came in to work on money with us. We worked with money working on adding and subtracting money and which change to give the customers.

‘A market stall holder in London came in and asked us how to work with change and how to handle money. It was really fun.’ – Joseph

‘We used money in real life by seeing the price of fruit and how much it would cost to buy a few things.’ – Oscar T

‘We added with a market stall holder, so he was able to tell us how much change he needed to give to his customers.’ – Grace D

Then, in Art we brought a piece of fruit to life, just like it was in Kitchen Disco. We used lots of different resources to bring our fruit alive.

‘We made fruits become alive by decorating them with googly eyes and pipe cleaners.’ – Chloe

‘We have had so much fun today.’ – Maia

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