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Nicola, from Northumbria Police, visited the Year 3 class on Thursday afternoon to talk all about emotions. The children worked in groups to study a range of different photographs of children with a wide range of emotions and expressions. They then guessed how that child was feeling and thought of reasons why they might feel that way. Next, we then discussed how sometimes you can see emotions on the outside based on a child’s or an adult’s behaviour or by their facial expressions. We then talked about how we can feel emotions on the inside without always showing it. The children thought of scenarios of what might upset us and other people and thought of reasons why they might not want to show their true emotions. Year 3 learnt that it is always wise to be careful what we say to others as sometimes this may upset someone without you even knowing. We also learnt of how to help children and adults we know who may be feeling angry, stressed or upset. We also learnt safe ways of dealing with certain scenarios such as a stranger being angry in the shopping centre. The children understood it is best to alert our parents or somebody we trust such as a person who works in the store. We finished the session by passing a smile around the room. Well done, Year 3.

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