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Year 3A – Atlas Adventure

As we begin our new creative topics, the Romans. We decided to first look at where the Romans originated from and how they invaded several countries over time. We picked key dates in time to discover how the Romans extended their Empire. We used an atlas to help discover where individual countries were, before marking this on our own map. One of the most important things we learnt this lesson, was why the Romans wanted to invade Britain. We loved using an Atlas and discovering new and exciting facts about countries. Here are just a few things we learnt this lesson:

”The English Channel is between us and France. They must have build ships before invading England!” – Rory

”Germany is next to France” – Charlie

”They invaded to get revenge because we helped their enemies in battle” – Finley

”They didn’t invade Scotland” – Poppy

”They wanted our goods, like iron from the iron age” – Isla



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