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Year 3A – British Science Week

The 8th of March marked the beginning of British Science Week and here in Year 3A we couldn’t wait to start experimenting and learning new scientific vocabulary.

Investigating Density

On Wednesday we looked at density and what it is. We then took part in an experiment, to check the density of liquids. If the liquid settled to the bottom of our container, than we knew this meant it was a dense liquid but if the liquid was at the top of our container, we knew this meant it was the least dense liquid.


Coca-Cola experiment

As a class we decided that this experiment needed to take place outside, because of the potential mess it could make if it exploded. We took all of our equipment outside and stood well back, while the brave Miss Cummings carefully placed mints inside of the coca-cola bottle. We watched as the chemical reaction took place.


Our Egg Drop

After reading the book ‘Egg Drop’ by Mini Grey, we were inspired to try it ourselves. We wanted to see if we could create suitable packaging for an egg, so that it would not crack if we were to drop it. It took hours of planning, from choosing the correct material to sticking and placing them all together.


We took our designs outside and let them drop from a height, unfortunately out of 25 eggs only 21 survived!


Cress egg heads

In order to minimise waste, year 3A decided to put their left over eggs to good use. Combining our love of plants and desire to grow things, we have created cress egg heads. We carefully cut off the tops of our surviving eggs and emptied their contents. Once dry, we filled them with damp cotton wool and added cress seeds. It is our duty to look after our cress egg heads, so that their hair grows. Our aim is for the hair on our cress egg heads, to be long enough so that we can use it in an egg and cress sandwich. Keep reading our blog for cress egg head updates…


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