Year 3A – Christmas Mosaics

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This afternoon, we took inspiration from the Romans and they’re mosaic creations but added a Christmas theme. We began by planning out our Christmas designs on paper before reaching for the clay. We discovered that clay is a very difficult material to work with as it is sticky but can break apart very easily. Firstly, we molded and manipulated the clay until it was a suitable size. Some of us chose a simple square, whilst others chose to create a circle out of clay. We used tools to cut the clay.  Next, we ensured the clay had a flat surface by rolling it out. Being sure to lift the clay off the table ever 2 rolls to make sure that it did not stick! Then, we started to add our sparkle. We used similar sized beads, gems and stones to create wonderful Christmas pictures. It was a very sticky task but we loved it!   ”Wow! This is so sticky” – Rory ”Look it’s Rudolph’s nose” – Elliott ”I made Mrs Clause” – Amy  

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