Year 3A – Explosion in the classroom

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We have had an explosive afternoon in Year 3A! We spent time researching where in the world volcanos occur and found that a volcano in Italy, called Mount Vesuvius, erupted on the 24th of August 79AD ruining a Roman town called Pompeii. The town was then considered to be uninhabitable for thousands of years however the Roman streets, mosaics, paintings and stone structures were all preserved in the volcanic ash. Archeologists were amazed to discover this, we took a look at some of the wonderful findings. We then took it upon ourselves to re-create Mount Vesuvius using playdough and apply our knowledge about eruptions to make our volcanos erupt. We observed the chemical reaction and were amazed!   ‘Wow this is so cool’ – Josie ‘That’s lava’ – Dylan ‘Our lava is red because we added red food colouring’ – Anna

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