Year 3A – Mirror Madness

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In Year 3A we have been learning all about reflection and what materials reflect light. We decided to investigate further by looking closely at how mirrors reflect light and carried out some tests. We know that reflective materials appear shiny and flat, which is how we know mirrors reflect light. The first investigation we carried out, was mirror messaging. We used mirrors to write down secret codes or answers to a question, we then held our mirrors to the right side of our message and copied out the message again (It was our message but reversed). Another member of the class then had to decode this message using their own mirror. We talked about how the mirror made the message easier to read. Next, we tried to follow a wobbly path with only a mirror, providing us with a reflecting, above our head for guidance. This was pretty tricky as our eyes were not allowed to leave the mirror and look down towards the floor. We really enjoyed using our mirrors in class today – take a look for yourself!    

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