Year 3A – Mosaic Madness

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Whilst learning about the Romans during our new creative topic, we found that they used to decorate their houses with mosaics. They would decorate walls, floors and ceilings with these special designs made up of closely set, usually variously coloured, small pieces of material. Often, the mosaics were pictures such as portraits or photographs of animals. If you were able to have lots of mosaics in your house, that meant that you were a rich Roman. We began by planning the design of our mosaic by deciding what we were going to draw and what colours we were going to use. We then reached for the paint. We practiced the technique of printing individual small squares using a dice, as this tool created perfectly sized squares. At the end of the lesson, we created a class mosaic. This time we tested a different printing tool, a sponge. This allowed us to compared the two printing techniques and decide which tool we preferred and would use, if we were ever to do it again.          

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