Year 3A – Re-creating Mount Vesuvius

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Today, we began re-creating our own Mount Vesuvius. We identified the materials that we would need to use and collected them on our table. From our trial run with playdough, we learnt that we needed our base to have sides incase the explosion overflows! We followed instructions carefully, by working as a team. Our first step was securing a bottle, where the chemical reaction takes place, onto the base – we decided to use sellotape to do this. Next, we created a volcano like cone shape using cardboard. Then… it was time for PAPER MACHE. We created the paste our self, using one cup flour and 2 cups water. We enjoyed mixing it together until we reached the correct consistency. It was then time to saturate our newspaper strips with the paste. The most important thing we learnt, was that you must get rid of any excess paste before placing it onto the cardboard. We repeated this process, smoothing as we went, until our cardboard structure was completely covered. We can’t wait to paint our creations and make our real volcano’s erupt!

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