Year 3A – World Book Day 2021

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Year 3 had a great day taking part in World Book Day celebrating our favourite book characters and authors. We spent our day focusing on J K Rowlings book series, Harry Potter. We began by splitting up into houses.   We started our day by making wands. We first designed our wands, choosing the wood type and core type dependant on what powers we wanted our wand to have. We really enjoyed coming up with our own spells! Our favourite spell was our class spell, ‘EERHT RAEY’ and our spell had the power to turn anyone it was cast upon, into a member of Year 3A!     Potion Creating Next, we began looking at potions. We followed a recipe to create the invisibility potion, making sure that we measured out all of the ingredients carefully. Some of the ingredients we used were very unusual and smelly,  for example troll bogies and dragons blood.   In houses we then made our very own potion concoction using measurement. We wrote down the amounts of each ingredients we intended to use and then wrote down the instructions of how to make our magic potion. Each of the potions created had different magical powers.   Golden snitch making A golden snitch is a very important part of a Quidditch game! We made our very own golden snitches by adding and designing wings to a golden ball. We have had a wonderful day in our Hogwarts classroom today. Well done everyone!  

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