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Year 5 Art Day

The Year 5 children had a great time on their art day. They started the day by drawing some sphinxes which were in the foreground and then added some detail to the background. They also completed some cartouches with their names written in hieroglyphics. They made these look realistic by staining them with tea bags and crumpling them to make them appear very old.

Next, they looked at the work of George Seurat and his technique of pointillism. The aim of the lesson was for children to use this technique to paint a portrait of a pharaoh. The children sketched their drawing of the pharaoh first and used cotton buds to add the paint as dots/points.

A parent in the class also came in to see the children. Mr Healey is an artist and helped the children with their paintings; showing the children some tips/techniques.

He also shared what his life is like as an artist and answered lots of questions from the children who were very interested. He also showed the children some of his drawings which were very impressive!

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School