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Thank you to all the parents and carers who came to see the Y5 assembly on Thursday. The Y5 children shared what they have been doing in their latest creative topic – Virgin Money: Make £5 Grow. The children read, carried out role-plays, asked probing questions and sang beautifully. Each group also had the opportunity to present what they will be selling next week. The rest of the children in the school are welcome to bring in money next week to spend during break and lunch times on:

Nerf-gun target game – 20p per shot
Football shout out game – 30p per shot
Sweet shop – 10p minimum required
Guessing squishies competition – £1 a guess
Popcorn – £1 minimum required
Stress Relievers – £1 minimum required
Bracelets – £1 minimum required
Rock art – £1 minimum required
Great work Year 5!

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