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Year of Oscar Romero – April

After Romero’s death, many of the ordinary people of El Salvador began calling him ‘San (Saint)Romero’ and came to his tomb to pray. In February 2015, Pope Francis declared that Romero was a martyr. This meant that he would become known as ‘Blessed Oscar Romero’, the first step to being officially declared a saint.
In El Salvador, there is a tradition of producing very colourful crucifixes. The bright decorations not only have a figure of Jesus at the centre but also include images of the local community set in a Salvadoran landscape.
In the blank outline of a cross or using the template on the next page, the children designed a cross with drawings / cut-out photos from their school, parish or other community of faith.
They thought about the background landscape, colours that reflected their surroundings and which aspects of their community’s life to include.
As they worked, they brought their community’s joys and sufferings to Jesus on the cross.

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School